Showcase Cinemas Bespoke Movie Posters

Minimalist posters designed for the year’s biggest movies

Showcase Cinemas is faced with the challenge of differentiating itself on social from other film exhibitors who all share the same content assets - movie trailers, gifs, posters, and everything in between - provided by the movie studios. Movie fans love this content but Showcase wanted to offer them something that no other exhibitor can.


We commissioned an ongoing series of custom posters highlighting the most anticipated movies of each month with each new poster embodying the theme of the film in a minimalist style, weaving in hidden Easter eggs for super fans to discover.


This campaign has been a huge success for Showcase. Each poster of the series became the most engaging post of each month!

“We were looking for a way to differentiate our social voice and increase our engagement and Pandemic Labs developed this amazing custom poster concept.  The results have been fantastic as our followers have loved artwork which receives more shares and reactions than any of our other unique content.” –


Mike Long, Director of Digital Marketing at Showcase Cinemas


600k+ Impressions

24k+ Interactions

5.6% Average Eng. Rate

The custom Black Panther poster was the best performing Facebook post of 2018 for Showcase.